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is implicated. the pentagon says general john allen apparently had inappropriate communication with the woman linked to the scandal. as fox's ainsley earhart reports, the fbi is busy with multiple investigations. >> reporter: fbi agents searching the home of paula broadwell, the woman whose affair with general david petraeus led to his resignation as the cia director. the agents went to her house in charlotte, north carolina on monday night. some of the general's former staff members and friends reportedly shocked that this woman was sending e-mails warning jill kelley to stay away from him. now, john allen is under investigation. defense secretary leon pan eight said he ordered an investigation of general allen on monday. the secretary who is a former cia director also talking about general petraeus' resignation. he says, quote, i think he took the right step and i think it is important when you are director of the cia with all the challenges that fess you in that position that personal integrity comes first and foremost. general petraeus was scheduled to testify about the benghazi attacks.
in afghanistan. general john allen is denying he had any kind of sexual relationship with jill kelley. she is the tampa socialite who triggered the investigation by reporting threatening edmonton mails from paula broadwell. broadwell appear driver's license was found in rock creek park by a jogger. park police alerted the fbi and will hold it for 90 days unless broadwell claims it. aims it. >> i would say two things. one, it is up to congress to make decisions about who is called to testify but the president is confident that acting director morel is fully formed and capable of representing the cia in a hearing about the incidents in benghazi. >> the senate intelligence commit i don't will hold a closed door hearing today looking into the petraeus scandal and the libya consulate attack. >>> a chaotic scene on a mass transit bus not far from our area, coming up next. >> this fight wasn't between two passengers. it was passenger versus bus driver. details of what set this off as we check more headlines. adline >>> look at this. this is the baltimore bus driver suspended after getting into a
-ways. the detiles -- the details would be given at an antismoking event. >>> john mcafee in hiding and a person of interest in a murder. >> mcafee says police are out to kill him. we'll hear more of what he has to say as we check more head hiewns. -- headlines. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. . >>> new this morning. more deadly violence in the middle east. militants hit back and killed three israelis in a rocket tax today. the deaths are the first in israel since it launched an operation on wednesday. -- in a rocket attack today. eleven palestinians including two children and seven militants were killed. a major weapons storable was also destroyed. destroyed. -- storage was also destroyed. >>> the founder of the software company mcafee says he is now in hiding in belize fearing for his life. he is a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor, fellow american gregory fall. he was found inside his home with
veterans gathered for a service in arlington sunday. the john lion vfw post 3150 worked with the american legion to honor those who have served in the mull triincluding a #- year-old marine killed in combat this year. lauren demarco was there. >> reporter: it is directly across from popular restaurants like spider kelly's and the clarendon ballroom. hundreds of of people walk through this unare section every day but few realize the significance of a structure here. the clarendon war memorial honors veterans native to arlington who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> today, we recognize with pride all veterans who have served honorably, both past and present. >> reporter: this veterans day, members of the military, their families and loved ones gathered at the memorial. in addition, a special wreath was laid in honor of lance corporal nile cody sears, the first arlingtonian to die this year. >> he wrote poetry and read physic textbooks for fun and his mother says he was a musical genius. >> a restless spirit, i have to say. i think that is what made him join the marines. but on
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4